The list of services astrologer - international affairs and the answer to any question

Marsel  Kamaletdinov - professor of  indian school astrology  ! Odessa ,    Ukraine ...

The list of astrologers service , the answers on almost ane guestions

For example : 1) Do I have a chance to get rich and what way ?

2) The duration of life of mother , father , etc ?

3) The birth of a child - when and whom ( a boy or a girl ) ?

4) Whether the lost person is alive or dead and where is he / she ?

5) The Illness - what kind of disease and do i have a chance to be healthy ?

6) Marriage - when i will be married and what kind of family my groom / bride will have ?

7) A strike - when it will be over and it have * happy ending * ?

8) Return of stolen property , who is the thief , will the property return to its owner and where are the stolen things at the moments ?

9) Murder - who killed the certain person and on what purpose , where is the killer right now ?

10) The issue og legal proceedings who will win - the plaentiff or the defendant ?

11) Travelling abroad - when and where , for how a long time ?

12) Change of work - should i change it , and will the new boss be kind with me ?

13) Profession - what kind of profession i better choose to be satisfied with ?

14) Will me Brother go to prison and if he will die there ?

15) Does me wife betray me , with who , when and where ?

16) Can i have sexual relation with this woman , man , and how it will be better to get asguainted with her / him ?

17) Buy Sale - should i buy ( sale ) this thing ?

18) The veracity of the rumors - should i trust this news ?

19) What kind of sport should i do to bekome famous ?

20) Will i be the winner in the guarrel ?

21) Isn t my wife childless - what sex will be the first child ?

22) Will be the ill person recover or will he die and when it will happen ?

23) Damnation of Gods - who caused them and if they are caused by souls of the dead or the souls of the living?

24) How can i win the heart of the certain woman , man ?

25) How can i reach succes in my life ,my work and with woman , man ?

And a lot of other guestions that you can  answer yourself ...  or  skype : marsel-kami. or vayber : +380675560814

Best regards - Marsel Kamaletdinov !



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